Bob Reynolds has a new album coming out in a week. You may think you know Bob, but just in case you don’t, I’d like to help.

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The closer I get to something, the further away I feel.

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I have done nothing

Even remotely productive today. I’m too poor to spend any money. So I just sat and talked to my neighbors all day. Should probably do this more.


Put away your leather bustier after use. Even when you think your kids won’t be home for a few days.

There is nothing

That can break me.

What makes me different

Is that I’m not a gigantic bastard.


Thanks Josh! So much better than a FB bday wish! Lol

I’m tired.

Mentally, physically. I’m worn out. If I leave the fucked up remarks out, life is awesome. I know this.
My kids are awesome. Life without him is awesome. My friends are awesome. My family is awesome. If I could just get rid of the fucked up remarks.


Sucking it up was a job, I’d make a shit ton of money.

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